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It's the People

It's the People

It has been said in a hundred different ways by hikers on every long trail: the people make the trail. There are hikers out here of all backgrounds, from many different places and of a wide age range. There are lots of personalities and a lot of varied reasons for thru hiking, but the trail itself connects us all. 

There is a strange phenomenon that happens when people struggle together, especially in relative isolation, where strong bonds form much more quickly than usual. Out here, it is not unusual to meet a hiker and know their entire life story, highs and lows, within a few days. Hiker friendships are fast and strong, and last well past the terminus even if you only hiked together briefly. 

When I started the CDT, I anticipated a relatively solitary experience. Compared to the other big trails in this country, not many people attempt to thru hike the CDT, especially not Southbound. With my expectations of a quiet hike, I have been astonished by the number of hikers attempting this trail. Even now, past the 2000 mile marker, I am meeting new hikers and forming new bonds. 

As I get closer to finishing this wild beast, I become even more grateful for the other wonderful humans still migrating toward that southern terminus. The togetherness and camaraderie when we bunch up in towns is revitalizing and the friendships remind me why I am out here. Truly, even on this remote endeavor, it is about the people.

- Scribe


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