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Trail Update: Northern California

Trail Update: Northern California

Northern California has been a beautiful stretch of forest. Green canopy, green understory, brown soil. I love the smells. I didn’t realize how much I missed walking through the forest. Gone are the 360° expansive views every second of every day, but we still get grandiose views then the trail pops us out to a cliff side. 

I breathe deeply in the forest.  A breeze finds me on the forest floor and reminds me to fill my lungs. The landscape feels softer, more welcoming to me. There’s more fungi, taller trees, soft pine needles to tread upon. I feel less competitive. I don’t care as much about catching up to someone who passes me, nor do I care about staying ahead of people who I know are behind me.

When Journey Man and I decide to stop short of our mileage goal, I admit that I feel bad about coming short of a goal I had in my mind. He reminds me that being happy and having fun are our real goals, and we talk about things we can change to meet our mileage goals. I smile and am grateful that we are on the same page.

- Mantis

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