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  • What's In Your Pack? Gear Choices with Journey Man

    July 10, 2023

    What's In Your Pack? Gear Choices with Journey Man

    Zenbivy: What item(s) in your pack would you describe as "luxury items"? What is the strangest thing in your pack? What is the least favorite piece of gear you are carrying and why? What is your favorite piece of gear (not Zenbivy) you are carrying and why?

    Journey Man: Looking at everything laid out helped me see I have quite a few luxury items… I also believe some luxury items can be up for debate. Some may see an extra pair of socks as luxury, but I think they are almost a necessity. I would highly recommend having more than one pair. As for the other luxury items such as down booties. Probably not necessary, but oh so luxurious! The back country bidet is also luxury, but can easily fall into the category of a necessity. My cork ball, thicker winter gloves, pot scrapper, tiger balm, headphones, notepad, camera and all the extra doodads that go with it such as the backpack mount, extra battery and charging port. Soooo yeah, just a few luxury items…

    My least favorite piece of gear was my Nemo air pad because it had a huge rip in it and leaked every night to the point where I was on the ground within 45 minutes of blowing it up. Luckily Zenbivy sent me a replacement and it has been wonderful in this last section!!! Thank you Zenbivy for a full night's rest and no sore backs in the morning! 

    My favorite piece of gear is actually one of my luxury items. It is my Canon EOS M50 camera. I use it everyday and love capturing the moments and the people. It helps me slow down and really appreciate the small things like flowers and fungi, but also see the larger picture and the grandiose views!

    Overall I love all my gear! To have everything I need on my back is a strange, but rewarding feeling!

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