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Trail Update: "We are back!"

Trail Update: "We are back!"

We are back on trail!!! Woohoo! In total we were off trail for two weeks. We decided to flip up to Burney and skip the Sierra as well as a good chunk of Northern California to avoid snow and meet back up with friends who also skipped up. Burney Falls was a great welcome back to trail our first day. Even with skipping up further north we still couldn't avoid the snow completely.

We had the most insane trail magic with our good friend Mr. Kitchen who we met on the Appalachian Trail last year. He's working for the PCTA and doing some fantastic trail maintenance out there!

Neroed into Mount Shasta, and back on the trail the next day. The climb out of town up into Castle Crags Wilderness was spectacular. Shasta - Trinity National Forest was an absolute pleasure to walk through. Two days in a row we had to stop short of our mile goals because thunderstorms kept rolling through the areas we were hiking in. Even saw a fresh lightning strike scar on the side of a tree! We have successfully made it to Etna and are set to enjoy a nice relaxing spa day!

- Journey Man

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