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People of the PCT: Corgi

People of the PCT: Corgi

"We met Corgi a few days before Timberline Lodge. She was sitting down on trail cooking lunch. We stopped to talk to her for a bit. At the time she was in the same boat as us where we were tired of waking up early and doing more miles. We didn't mind waking up and leaving camp by 9 and hiking a little later to "make up" miles. Even starting later in the day she could still easily crush miles. She didn't have rules or an itinerary to follow. She was out there to be her free spirited self and she wasn't afraid to be herself. It was refreshing to see others who don't care what others think of them and to just be their authentic goofy selves. We all got to hang out, drink and talk at Timberline Lodge with full bellies! We didn't leave Timberline Lodge till almost 9 P.M. because we were all having such a great time!"  - Journey Man


What's your name / trail name or both?

Tay aka "Corgi"

Where are you from?

Phoenix AZ

Why did you decide to do the PCT?

I decided to do the PCT to immerse myself in nature. I am neurodivergent and have c-ptsd--being outside is the most healing medicine where I feel I can grow, fully unmask, and be authentic.

What has been the most challenging thing you've encountered on trail so far?

The most challenging part of trail has been getting proper alone time to recharge. The trail is so much more social than I ever could have imagined.

What is something you've learned so far on your hike?

I've learned that slowing down to sunbathe and to swim in alpine lakes with friends is much more important than crushing miles every day. Also that I can never dig a cat hole fast enough after my afternoon coffee.

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