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  • The Perfect Backpacking Mug

    June 28, 2022

    The Perfect Backpacking Mug

    Brewing up a hot drink is a core part of the bivouac experience.  Hot drinks restore and hydrate you at the end of a day, preparing you for a night of rest.  In the morning, they warm you, caffeinate you, and help prepare you for the day.  There is no more iconic image than a perfect bivy spot with a hiker enjoying a steaming drink while soaking in a stunning view.

    But, if you want to add the zen to your bivy hot-drink experience, you gotta have the right mug.  It can't taste like plastic, or dribble down your chin when you sip.  It has to keep the drink hot, but not get hot itself.  It has to be light and, like all good sustainable gear, it should be built to last a lifetime.

    Why is Zenbivy doing a mug? The answer is simple. There just aren't any good lightweight backpacking mugs on the market. Existing titanium mugs either have no lid, a lid that leaks, or a lid that is not replaceable. Plastic mugs retain odors and tastes, are not durable, and the lids almost always leak. Single-wall mugs somehow feel hotter than the liquid you poured into it, and many insulated mugs have attached handles that make them hard to pack... We could go on complaining, but instead we decided to build something better.


    Zenbivy's new titanium Bivy Mug is the perfect ultralight backpacking mug. The 450ml titanium mug features a sleek handle-less design and full double-wall construction to keep your beverage at the optimum temperature without burning your hands or lips. It has a replaceable lid, with a replaceable silicone seal, that is guaranteed to never leak. It's the perfect size in your hand and is large enough for a big coffee or to prepare 2 packets of instant oatmeal.  Built to last, it's the last mug you'll ever need. 

    Learn more about the Bivy Mug features

    Double-wall Insulation - The mug's double wall and lid keep your coffee at the perfect temperature but leave the outside of the mug neutral so you won't burn your hands or lips.

    No Handle! - The Bivy Mug is specifically designed to be handle-less. Handles do nothing but make the mug hard to pack, and give you an excuse to clip it to the outside of your pack to clank around in the breeze... Handle-less is the way to go.

    Won't Retain Odor or Taste - Titanium is an ideal mug material for many reasons. Not only is it super lightweight and durable, but it's easy to clean and won't retain any odor or taste like some plastics.

    Lifetime Durability - We believe that if you're going to build an expensive mug it should last (and work) forever. At just 4.4 oz, the titanium Bivy Mug is ultralight but also ultra-durable. Titanium is incredibly durable and will take a severe beating.  It'll last you a lifetime.

    The Perfect Size450ml is the perfect size for a mug. Not too big, not too small. Just right! 

    A Lid That Won't Leak - The BPA-free Tritan lid's silicone seal will keep the drink in your mug, not on your shirt. Lose your lid? Need a new seal? Both the lid and the silicone seal are replaceable.

    Shop Titanium Bivy Mugs

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