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2022 Zenbivy Beds: New Features

2022 Zenbivy Beds: New Features

Our new 2022 Beds are here—and we've made a few changes. What's new, you ask? We've made the hood wider to accommodate more sleep styles, re-engineered the baffles to maximize thermal efficiency, made the quilts purely semi-rectangular to provide full coverage, and added a patent-pending drawstring along the top edge to seal in warmth. Let's take a deeper dive...

Re-engineered Baffles

The re-engineered baffle system on all 2022 quilts maximizes thermal efficiency. Smaller baffles position the down precisely where it’s needed and minimize down-shift. Vertical baffles around the upper body prevent down from sliding off your shoulders while you're sleeping on your side or turning over. The horizontal baffles on the top of the foot box keep down from shifting with foot movement, while vertical baffles on the underside of the foot box create a guard against any drafts.


The Kylie-curve™

We've added a 3/4 length drawstring along the top edge of the quilt. When cinched, it naturally shapes an internal “dome” of space, providing ample shoulder room to move and twist freely while the extra baffle above the cord forms a comfortable, soft, draft-free barrier. The placement of the drawstring cinches only the top center portion of the quilt, leaving either edge loose to either tuck around you or to tuck into the hood of the sheet for further restriction-free protection against drafts.


Semi-rectangular Quilt

While the Light Quilts have always been purely semi-rectangular, the original Zenbivy Bed quilt now is too! A purely semi-rectangular quilt not only provides full coverage when used flat but also completely eliminates the common hour-glassing pinch point issue that other quilts have when the foot box is formed. Rotate and move freely at night without the quilt grabbing and twisting around.

Fun Fact: The Origami Baffle™

It's no secret that convertible foot boxes are the way to go. They allow you to use your quilt in a variety of situations and they easily adapt to a huge range of temperatures. But many quilt makers have a big tradeoff... They leave an open, drafty hole at the cinch that gives you nothing but cold feet throughout the night.

Most quilts simply run a drawcord along the lowermost edge, but you’ll notice the Zenbivy quilts have a drawcord that seems to “curve” up from the corners onto the face of the quilt. What’s with this funny shape? Well, when you fold the bottom corners in, each at their instinctual angle to form the non-constricting foot box, our curved drawcord actually ends up making a straight line all the way around. This creates a natural baffle - which we call the Origami Baffle™ - that is then snapped to the back of the quilt to securely seal that otherwise drafty hole. It’s just one of the many design details that make Zenbivy quilts more comfortable... but we’ll let your toasty warm feet be the judge of that.

Roomier Hood

Designed for all sleep positions, the new wide rectangular hood provides extra space and restriction-free warmth around the head and arms. The new width of the integrated hood makes better use of rectangular mattresses and fits larger pillows as well. The hood is the perfect cubby to keep your pillow from wandering away in the middle of the night.


And there you have it! An in-depth look at all the new features that make the 2022 Zenbivy Beds even more comfortable and versatile than ever before.

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