PRESS: Practical Travel Gear raves over the Zenbivy MotoBed™ icon

August 18, 2021 1 min read

"I really think this Zenbivy Motobed will transform the way we view camping. Most of the time on camping trips, it is difficult to get a good night’s rest. I’ve camped and back packed all my life and have never slept this good until now sleeping on the Zenbivy Motobed. Having that extra dual layer luxury mattress topper and the ability to blow up the bottom portion to a desired comfort is a game changer. The sheets on the sleeping pad are comfortable and makes you feel like home. On those hot summer nights, I can use the sleeping bag more as a blanket and regulate my temperature throughout the night and when it’s cold I can zip the sleeping bag up and get as snug and comfortable as I can to keep warm. If you’re looking for an incredible nights rest so you can enjoy nature and all it has to offer, then this is the product for you as it will transform the way you think about sleeping outside."

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