PRESS: Gear Institute reviews the original Zenbivy Bed icon

October 05, 2019 1 min read

This is a repost - Gear Institute originally posted this article on 02/27/19.

Gear institute ran a full review of our original Zenbivy Bed, and it received a final score of 82/100. According to them, the good: "Amazingly comfortable, Versatile with different configurations, Incredibly soft material, Affordable". They also said "Two frequent complaints about sleeping bags are that they are too confining to be comfortable and that they slide off the inflatable mattresses that are used while camping. ZenBivy solves both of these problems by creating a system that attaches securely to the pad and by making this system as comfortable and free as sleeping in a real bed."

Check out the full review HERE or learn more about the Zenbivy Bed