Zenbivy Light Quilt 10º

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  • The zipper-less design of the Light Quilt gives you the weight of a closed foot-box quilt, with the full-flat functionality of a convertible quilt. Zenbivy’s buttery-soft 20d fabrication sets this quilt apart from its more “purist” 10d competitors. It is the softest and most durable legitimately ultra-light quilt out there. Premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down rounds out the package and delivers a final quilt that is weight-competitive with much more expensive offerings, while delivering on Zenbivy’s promise of maximum comfort.

    Add a Zenbivy Light Sheet to create a full EN rated sleeping bag and even more comfort options.

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Zenbivy 40 degrees synthetic bed

After 5 months of using this system, I am very happy with it! Excellent comfort, versatility, no drafts and warmer than you would expect from 40 deg quilt. It is perfect for wet conditions, sometimes my footbox would get little bit wet from touching side of tent but it never afftected performance of quilt and my feet were dry and warm inside, and in the morning quilt is dry after 10 minutes. High quality product and great support too! Love my Zenbivy sleeping system!

Michael L.
Sleeping Bag or Quilt??

I have the Light Bed (large) quilt @ 10*, and the sheet @ 25* bought it March 2019 I currently for the past year have used the Sea2Summit COMFORT PLUS INSULATED AIR SLEEPING MAT with an R-Value of 4.0, it is a 4 season mattress. I plan on getting a non-insulated this season. I sleep warm/hot. 2016 I hiked the PCT with a Zpacks $700 sleeping bag. It was great, I never got cold. I would sleep with the zipper facing the ground and only zipped up as far as I desired, basically using it like a blanket or a quilt. It came in @ 21 ozs and was very compact. This system on the other hand, I have never been cold nor have I been to hot. This system allows for the best of ALL desired sleeping needs when I am backpacking. It is a sleeping bag, a quilt or a sleeping bag used as a quilt. There are so many options here. I also use the quilt when I am camping in my van. If it is cold out, set it up with a foot box and I am good to go. Also, one of the best parts of this thing, it has enough room to roll around and not worry about it shifting on you!!!! Stomach sleeper, you can sprawl out all you want and not feel like you are in a cocoon!!! This system comes in @ 2 lbs 11.3 oz. If you are on the fence, between this system or another sleeping bag, then this is the best choice for you to experiment with. Because if you are on the fence, then it is a roll of the dice for you. Roll the dice here, it is a great option and you wont be disappointed.

Amazingly Comfort!

Just returned from a 10 day Dall Sheep hunt in the back country of Alaska. I couldn't be more pleased with this sleep system, I have never slept so well on the ground while out hunting! The ability to adjust the quilt make temperature regulating very simple. If your tired of mummy bags, sliding off your sleeping pad, waking up un-rested give Zenbivy a try you wont be dissapointed!

Aaron D.
Warm, with comfort and flexibility

I came across Zenbivy when looking for a bag which would secure to the sleeping mat and use the mat for the ground side insulation to minimise pack bulk, and eliminate sliding off the mat in the night. I'd had one of these years ago but it was a closed foot mummy style so also wanted one which had more freedom to regulate temperature, and could also be unzipped for use as a quilt. I bought the Zenbivy Bed and Pillow eight months ago, have used them regularly over that time on overnight and multiday sea kayaking adventures, and found the bed to be simple and nice to sleep in, and the pillow to be comfy and quiet, preferring it to be only around half inflated. Winter came along and I needed a warmer bed so bought a Zenbivy Lite 10 and a Flex self inflating mattress. Again, after a little self tuition and practice using the online videos and guides, found it simple to use, and toasty warm at -1 C inside a silk liner with bare feet and foot box domed but open. The Lite lofts up wonderfully and Flex is importantly quiet and warm to sleep on, self inflates well, and the reversible valve is smart and excellent for when rolling up again. The flexibility of multiple sleeping configurations to suit different applications is an absolute bonus. Well done Zenbivy on excellent concept, design, execution, quality, and customer service. Cheers, from NZ, Aaron Dixon.

Sam S.
Best piece of gear I own...

I love my ZenBivy! The hunt for comfort in the outdoors is over. I do a lot of Ultralight backpacking and I'm completely willing to add a bit more weight to my load to get a good night sleep. ZenBivy is truly a breakthrough for me. Sam Sonntag - Bountiful, Utah

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