Zenbivy Light Quilt 10º

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  • The zipperless design of the Light Quilt gives you the weight of a closed foot box quilt, with the full-flat functionality of a convertible quilt. Zenbivy’s buttery soft 20d fabrication sets this quilt apart from its more “purist” 10d competitors. It is the softest and most durable legitimately ultralight quilt out there. Premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down rounds out the package and delivers a final quilt that is weight competitive with much more expensive offerings while delivering on Zenbivy’s promise of maximum comfort.

    The Zenbivy Light Quilt 10° is WARM. It’s built for colder sleepers and those pushing the boundaries of “3-season”. Add a Zenbivy Light Sheet 10° to create a complete Bed that allows you to fully clip in when temperatures drop.

    Includes the Light Quilt and a large mesh bag for long-term storage. Dry Sack and Compression Caps sold separately.

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    United States United States
    Excellent product

    I have not used this yet but my initial impression is that this is a game changer for me as a toss and turn sleeper. It is very well made, the material is light and quiet, the down is puffy, it oozes quality. It is so simple to set up and I am very happy to be rid of loud snaggy zippers. I bought this with the 25 degree sheet and the 40 degree synthetic quilt for summer. I can't believe how comfortable this is.

    Jeremy H.
    United States United States
    Zenbivy quilt 10 degree

    The quilt exceeds expectations super comfortable packs down smaller then a smart water bottle an if colder temps are your worries this will do great in warmth along with pad and light sheet overall great purchase can wait for some snow to use it in

    David H.
    United States United States
    Made Switch to both Down and Quilt

    Waited until i actually used this before writing review. Just back from 5-night backpacking trip in South San Juan Wilderness. I knew i would love the weight and volume savings, but i was nervous about the switch from the mummy bag that i've used for 10+ years because of fears of cold air seeping in. Fears overcome! My setup: MLD Duomid (also brand new) with inner solo mesh tent (Chinese budget item), Big Agnes Insulated Q Core SLX Sleeping Pad. To help keep the quilt in place (i'm a very active side-sleeper -- lots of toss/turn) i used a length of 1/16" bungee cord under the sleeping pad and through the loops on the quilt, held in place w/ line locks. I used just enough tension so that if i flipped the quilt up, it the line would bring it back down in place. Worked great. The nights didn't get much below 50F, so perhaps this wasn't the ultimate test, but sleeping in just long underwear i stayed warm all night and could control the temp by selectively covering or uncovering my upper body. I kept the toe box closed the whole time, per Zenbivy's instructions. No issues with drafts (my feet were also in extremely thick wool socks).

    William R.
    United States United States
    1 of 3 Light Quilt Review Full use test!

    I am not a fan of single reviews, so this is a three part. 1.initial 2. overall use 3. final results So here is my plan. I am going to use this quilt on the Russian River in Alaska this summer. Then I am going to use it on a Rim to Rim hike of Grand Canyon in the Fall. Once I have run through the paces I will give my final review. For now, I will give the initial impressions. That's really all I can do at this point. 1. Took this beautiful and well put together quilt out of the box, and was immediately impressed with the stitching and quality feel of the fabric. The attention to detail, the clever way that the quilt comes together to form the footing so when you wrap this around your quilt pad. Cleaver, only, I was surprised there were no tie straps? Maybe an oversite on my part. Still, I guess I thought it would be part of the configuration, but I get it. #note because I have a different manufacurer for my ground pad, it may be a factor. I am using the NEMO Tensor. Hey, so I bought into the hype. I am a long time hiker who is finally springing for the nice stuff, so I was trying to go for the best. With that note in mind, the reason that I bought the Zenbivy is due to the fact that it has been crushing it the last few years since it came on the scene, so I wanted the best. So I am doing a little mixing and matching, who doesn't. Okay, guilt complex out of the way. I have found that I always need to do a prep setup and prep test a couple times before taking my gear out on the long trek. I set my gear up in a mostly ultralight way. I am backpacking out for multi-day excursions so the tent and all is will be used in long haul way. have a two man Black-Diamond two man tent a NEMO-tensor pad and Zenbivy quilt, and I will be wearing the usual hiking gear. multi-layer for the adjusting needed for the hot and cold swings. I set my configuration up in my garage and it all works great and looks like the only thing I will worry about is condensation, as that seems to be the issue with more tightly fit ultralight tent use. Will see. Anyways, I still have not picked up my straps so that will be the last thing before I do the full hikes, but I have hiked the trails with my gear loaded and so far, everything is light, for me. I run a little heavy compared to what I watch others doing on YouTube. I think I am between 20 to 22 pounds; depending on the water and food adjustments. So there it is; I have seen and touched and felt this quilt, and I am super impressed. Still, I need to do the hard things. Put the work into the hiking and fun, and I will report back with the mid-point review. Later, after all the hiking and doing. I will return with afterthoughts and perspective. In the final review. PS, since you read this far down, here's a fun add. I will bring back some pics from my trips, and maybe by then, there will be a load pictures section on here for registered users. *I get it, gotta validate that content before it gets loaded. lol

    Matthew B.
    United States United States
    Haven’t taken it for a spin, already impressed

    I do a lot of camping, 4 seasons, in front and back country. When possible, I hammock. Other times, I use a tent or bivy, dig a shelter, or build a shelter out of forage. I lead Scouts on similar adventures. The light bed system will give me 3 seasons of astonishing flexibility. It has lowered the weight on my overall kit, raised my insulation from the ground, and is more comfortable than a mummy bag in moderate and warm conditions. Basically, this system will replace 2 sleeping bags and a pad. My wife (who does the same camping as me) tried it out - hers arrives this week.