Zenbivy Light Quilt 25º

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  • The zipper-less design of the Light Quilt gives you the weight of a closed foot-box quilt, with the full-flat functionality of a convertible quilt. Zenbivy’s buttery-soft 20d fabrication sets this quilt apart from its more “purist” 10d competitors. It is the softest and most durable legitimately ultra-light quilt out there. Premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down rounds out the package and delivers a final quilt that is weight-competitive with much more expensive offerings, while delivering on Zenbivy’s promise of maximum comfort.

    Add a Zenbivy Light Sheet to create a full EN rated sleeping bag and even more comfort options.

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Disappointing field test

I really really wanted to like this :( I ordered 3 sets during the labor day sale my family and I are avid hikers. I searched far and wide for a light weight system that could get us through warm nights in Zion, to rim2rim of the grand canyon and cooler nights in Colorado, my boyfriend is tall and broad shouldered mummy bags never fit him and regular sleeping bags are too heavy for backpacking, we live in CO and were very excited to use it as soon as we got them. First night didn't reach below 40. I went to bed first I have a sleeping pad with an r-value of 7.0, wore warm tights long winter socks a sweater and a beanie, my legs were freezing within 30 mins of getting in bed. The sheet was warm i didn't feel any cold air from the ground but the quilt did not keep my legs warm. Its felt like cold air was getting through the quilt. We rechecked the hooks to make sure nothing was loose or unconnected but still was so cold, air coming through. My boyfriend didn't even try using his because he didn't want to deal with cold pockets after a tiring day. Luckily we both brought our big clunky heavy sleeping bags mind you rated for 35 degrees for $30 from BIG5 and used them instead which I didn't need my beanie or sweater. I'm sad I spent so much on something rated for 25 and it didn't keep me warm at 40 degrees. Maybe we'll only use it for Zion where temps are above 55 but definitely not on the Colorado trail. Great customer service great idea def light weight, but just didn't work :(


Krys: When the quilt is properly attached, there is no way for "air to come through". Check the video on this page to make sure you are closing the foot-box of the quilt properly: If you still find that your legs are not warm give customer service a shout and we will figure it out and get it resolved. Thanks again for supporting Zenbivy!

Great Quilt!

The quilt arrived in under a week and feels amazing. Comes with a mesh storage bag, but not with a compression sack. The only issue I have is the return policy. You have to pay for your own shipping to return something which, for a system someone pays almost $500 for, is disappointing. The bag itself looks great, came quickly, and ill update my review once it gets some adventure time!

Laurance N.
Snow camping in Utah

We took out the zenbivy sleep system out last weekend using a ice fishing tent on top of about 3' of snow. I set up on top of a tarp and had a heater buddy running. My quilt is rated for 23° so it was cold in the middle of the night but not miserable. Hindsight next time we'll use down pants to sleep in while in snow, so I know it will be perfect for the rest of the year. The 5 stars is for how comfortable the zenbivy is. My wife sleeps like a bear so s mummy bag would never work for her.

Mike A.
New level of sleeping!

I searched long and hard for months before pulling the trigger on a sleep system that would be the one to take on a long through hike, and after researching the light guilt by ZenBivy I knew what I wanted. I got the whole system, guilt, sheet, and mattress. I blew up the mattress and put the sheet on it. Then I attached the quilt and drew in the foot box. I put it outside in the back yard and climbed in after dark. It was about 38 to 40 degrees that night with a little wind and I slept like a log. I was warm and comfy like in my own bed at home. It was roomy, and that's why I went with a guilt over a mummy bag because I don't like being wrapped up like a burrito unless it's 40 below outside. It is light in my pack and I look forward to having many restful night's sleep on the trail.

Michael Z.
Field Tested - Zenbivy for Prez in 2020!

My wife and I are avid backpackers. However the one thing that has been difficult for her is finding a light sleep system that allows movement in the upper body. She hates the mummy bags, and she sleeps cold. PROBLEM SOLVED! We just spent the last 5 days in the Porcupine Mountains in Northern Michigan. 2 nights in a tent, 2 nights in a rustic cabin. Although the temp never dropped below 43 degrees - we still got the data we needed. We used the system with the REI Flash Pad (R5.2). The pad runs 78 inches, yet the sheet fit perfectly. The clips (no zipper on the light) were intuitive and easy to connect. There was zero draft, and zero migration. My wife allowed me to try the system one night on the tent and one night in the cabin. As a result, we are both fans. She is sold and said, "Until something better comes along, this is my new system!". After 1 night for me, I felt the same way. In the cabin I still used the sleep pad on the dirty old mattress with the sheet. The quilt was so versatile. Granted I could have unzipped the mummy - but the quilt works in every instance. I plan to try it first snowfall with a 0 degree liner. I have no doubt it will perform. Here's the deal. We have been through 7 sleeping bags for her and we finally found a winner. One more thing - customer service has been outstanding. We originally ordered the original. It was to heavy and bulky for her pack (just hers). They easily accepted the return, and we upgraded with no issue. Thank you Zenbivy!

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