Light Bed 25°

  • You don't have to choose between an ultralight pack or comfort at camp—the Light Bed gives you the best of both worlds. Our 2-piece sleeping bag combines the warmth and draft-free performance of a mummy bag with the luxurious comfort of a backpacking quilt. It's built to feel like your bed at home with a sheet below you and a quilt above so you can get a comfortable, natural night's sleep outdoors without the constriction of a mummy bag.

    We've refined every aspect to save weight including using performance fabrics, high-quality down, and a unique ultra-secure hook and loop system to add versatility to the setup. We built the Light Bed for performance so you can go further outdoors in comfort.

    The Light Bed 25° includes the Light Quilt 25°, Light Sheet 25°, and an extra-large mesh bag for long-term storage. (Mattress, pillow, and compression sold separately) 

Sorry we're out of 25x77 sheets!

Unfortunately the 25x77 Light Sheet 25º and 10° are sold out for 2022. However, all Light Quilts work with all Light Sheets regardless of temperature rating.

We recommend checking out the 40º Sheet. It weighs the same as the 25°, is easier to wash, and is almost as warm. Or you could check out the half-size Fast Sheet, which turns any of our quilts into a bed at only 3 ounces! Finally, you could also check out our Universal Sheet, which works with both Light Quilts and Zenbivy Bed quilt. All options shown below. 

Light Quilt Features

Light Sheet Features

Complete your Light Bed!

Add a mattress, pillow, and compression to complete your Light Bed sleep system.