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Step 1: Attach the Sheet to Your Mattress

First thing's first! The sheet needs to attach around a mattress, whether it’s a Zenbivy mattress or one from another brand.

  • 1. Lay the sheet out with the hood at the top (head end) of your mattress.

  • 2. Attach the top corners of the fitted sheet around the head end of your inflated mattress.

    (If you have one of our a full-length sheets, you will attach the bottom corners of the sheet around the foot end of your mattress next.)

  • 3. Clip and cinch the straps on the underside of the mattress.

    TIP! For the half-length sheets, make sure you have the sheet pulled down taut so there is no loose fabric up near the hood. Cinch the straps tight to keep it securely in place.

Step 2: Form the Footbox

The Fast Footbox™ quilts feature just one hook to transform it from mummy mode to wide mode. (You likely won't need instructions, but we have them down below!)

If you have a Light Quilt Convertible, see the Convertible Footbox guide below for full instructions on forming the footbox. Scroll through all 7 steps.

Fast Footbox™ Quilts

  • The Fast Footbox™ features just one clip to quickly and easily transform it from mummy mode to wide mode.

  • You can clip the Fast Footbox™ for maximum warmth...

  • ...or unclip it for maximum space and easy venting!

Convertible Footbox Quilts

  • Scroll through all 7 steps to learn how to go from flat to wide mode to mummy mode.

    1. Lay your quilt out with the lining facing up (Zenbivy logo will be facing down). Have the foot end closest to you.

  • 2. Grab the GREEN loop in the lower left corner and bring it over to the matching GREEN clip on your right side. Clip that!

  • 3. Folding the right side of the quilt in towards the left, locate the YELLOW clip and attach it to the matching YELLOW loop.

  • 4. Locate the BLUE loop on the right corner of the quilt and attach it to the matching BLUE clip on your lefthand side.

  • 5. On the inside of the footbox, locate both sides of the snap and snap them together.

  • 6. Once snapped, fully cinch the drawstring to close up the footbox.

    Voilà! You have successfully set up "wide mode" on your convertible quilt.

  • Optional: Mummy Mode

    If needed on cold nights, transform the convertible footbox from "wide mode" for maximum space to "mummy mode" for maximum warmth.

  • To form mummy mode, simply clip the next two clips that run up the underside of the footbox—1 green, 1 yellow. You can choose to clip both, or just one.

Step 3: Clip Your Quilt to the Sheet

Attach the quilt to the sheet to block all drafts. Clipping one side is great for side sleepers and attaching both sides is ideal when it’s cold out. Test out different options to see what works best for you!

  • 1. Lay the quilt out on top of your sheet/mattress. The footbox should be at the foot end of your mattress and the Zenbivy logo should be face up.

  • 2. Line up the 4 loops on the quilt with the color-coded clips that run along either edge of the sheet. Working your way from hip to head, clip in only as many as you need.

  • NOTE: You don't have to clip them all if you don't need to. Test it out and see what works best for you, your sleep style, and the conditions you're sleeping in.

Optional: Clip in Your SoftTop™ Pillow

Clip your SoftTop™ Pillow to the sheet to keep it from sliding off the mattress. Only new 2024 Zenbivy sheets and new SoftTop™ Pillows feature the headboard clips. 2023 and older model sheets and pillows do not.

  • 1. Pop your inflated SoftTop™ Pillow into the sheet's hood.

  • 2. Locate the 2 loops inside the hood and line those up with the clips on the pillowcase.

  • 3. Clip it in!

Optional: Cinching the Kylie-Curve™

If needed, cinch the Kylie-curve™ to seal in warmth around your neck and shoulders on cold nights.

The Kylie-curve™ is particularly useful for side sleepers, or sleepers who turn over throughout the night, as it creates a "hook" around your shoulder to seal out drafts as you move.

  • 1. Locate the cord lock and the tail end of the drawstring. Squeeze the cord lock and pull the loose end to create a gentle curve in the center of the quilt.

  • TIP! You don't need to cinch it too far, just enough to create a “hook” around your shoulders/neck. Play around with it and find what’s comfortable for you.

  • 2. Once cinched, tuck the corner of the quilt back up into the hood to block all drafts.

    To undo the curve, simply squeeze the cord lock and pull on the sewn-in end to straighten the top edge of the quilt again.

What Are the Bungee Loops For?

You may have noticed that there are elastic loops on your quilt that don’t appear to attach to anything… Well, they do!

The bungee loops are built into every Zenbivy quilt we’ve ever made and are there to attach our quilt accessories: Quilt Liners and Duvet Covers.

*Duvet Covers are only compatible with the Convertible Footbox quilts. 

Long-Term Storage

When storing your Zenbivy bed, it's important to give it space. To protect the longevity of the insulation, you never want to store it long-term (i.e. between trips) fully compressed.

Every quilt comes with a large mesh storage bag. We recommend pulling your Zenbivy quilt and sheet out of their dry sack as soon as you get home from a backpacking trip. Make sure both the quilt and sheet are completely dry before stuffing them loosely in the mesh storage sack and storing it.

We provide detailed instructions on how to wash your Zenbivy Bed, from start to finish.

Washing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for washing your Zenbivy quilts and sheets, both down and synthetic.