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Catching the Train Into NYC

Catching the Train Into NYC

July ended and August began in a brand new state, New Jersey. The Morning of August 1st started off with an awesome view at Sunfish Pond. A few days of trail rolled by and during a short road walk between Unionville and Warwick, NY I saw this creepy character painted in the window of a nearby barn.

Later that afternoon I would reach the long awaited destination of the Warwick Drive-in Theater. They allow hikers to campout on the lawn behind the main theater parking and supply us with radios to catch the double feature of the night. After a total hiker trash zero day at the Drive in I hiked another 15 or so miles to where I’d catch the train into NYC (my first time ever seeing the city). We caught some late night Jazz in Astoria had tons of pizza spent an afternoon in Central Park and the took the Sky Tram to Roosevelt Island followed by a ferry ride to Brooklyn with excellent views of the City.

We only meant to stay a night or two but other groups of hikers kept showing up and pulling us back in. From there we caught the train back north, time for more life on the trail.

- Snackbar

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