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People of the PCT: Dart

People of the PCT: Dart

"We met Dart just after Baden Powell. He invited us over to a fire he and his tramily were having that night. We thanked him, but almost immediately went into our tent to pass out. He is a kind hearted and extremely funny individual. Just an absolute goofball and usually doing something silly. He knew how to lighten a mood or just put a smile on anyone's face. Luckily we got to see him again at Kennedy Meadows South. He and Chopper were heading into the Sierra together. We lost them after the first day, but saw them again heading back into the Sierra at Kearsarge Pass. It was always a blast being with them. They just radiate positive energy and are usually bringing the party, good times and laughter with them wherever they go. Finally the last time we saw them on trail was at PCT Days! We got to dance, drink and be merry together! Seeing his huge weathered straw hat in the distance or seeing his name drawn in the snow dirt or mud always made me smile. I feel fortunate to have met Dart and Chopper along the trail this year."  - Journey Man


What's your name / trail name or both?

Max aka "Dart"

Where are you from?

Dallas TX

Why did you decide to do the PCT?

Love thru hiking, seeing new places meeting new people and spending as much time as I can in nature.

What has been the most challenging thing you've encountered on trail so far?

Hiking through the Sierras this year, figuring out how to mountaineer and working on a relationship with someone I've met on trail whilst hiking.

What is something you've learned so far on your hike?

You can't have or do it all, regardless of whether you're hiking your own hike or having to coordinate with someone or many others sacrifices are made. It's about doing what you most want to do.

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