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Etna, Ashland, and Trail Magic

Etna, Ashland, and Trail Magic

My sister and her boyfriend were on a road trip and swung by Etna to say hi! Perfect timing because we were leaving town the next day. Which just so happened to be my birthday! It was a great present to get to hang out with the sister!

We got to Seiad Valley and went to the store to look for an inflatable pad Zenbivy sent me because my Nemo pad was leaking for the last 3 weeks. No package... We came back a few hours later and what do ya know. The inflatable pad arrived with the mail that day! Got pretty lucky with that one. I slept like a rock that night.

WE CROSSED INTO OREGON! *Still have 622.3 miles of California to finish up, but who's counting.

4th of July parade in Ashland! (Left to right) Mantis, Mini Chimi, Twist, Head Start, The Sheriff, Hugh and Coyote all enjoyed a delicious dinner as well!

TRAIL MAGIC! This was a goodie. Hammocks, cheeseburgers, bug spray, extra fuel cans even a shower!

Walking on the lava flows with Mt McLoughlin in the background. Makes ya think when will Mt McLoughlin erupt next... We also had a nice long relaxing lunch next to Freye Lake.

- Journey Man

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