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5 Valentines Day Dates for Outdoors Couples

5 Valentines Day Dates for Outdoors Couples

Valentine's Day is here! The day you and the rest of the world gets to put affection on display and show your significant other what they mean to you. It’s all so cute it just makes me sick. The old saying goes that couples who adventure together stay together, so here are a few ideas for getting out and making memories in the outdoors with cupid in tow.

1) Track down (or up) a snowy adventure.
February is known as the snowiest month of the year, so if you live in a place filled with this white fluffy goodness, get out and enjoy it. Hit that double chair with your better half, enjoy some powder, and top it all off with a beer at the lodge.

Or look up a local ice skating rink, grab the skates, and hit the ice - even better if you can go outdoors. It’s great if you know how to skate already, but half of the fun of being out there is figuring it out hand in hand. Plus, just imagine how cute the photos will be - a hallmark movie scene of Valentine's day.

2) Hit the trails
For the warmer climates, getting out on the trails is a great plan. It gives you a little time away from the city, and you can use the exercise as an excuse to eat as many heart-shaped chocolates as you can handle. State parks are a great place to find trails in your area, or you can use an app like AllTrails.

3) Glamp with your Valenpine
Many state parks offer yurts, cabins, or even fancy tents for rent. Spend a romantic weekend away with nature, countless trails, wildlife, and at your front door. Make sure you pack your flannels, your coziest pajamas, and your Zenbivys for this one.

4) Class it up
Yeah, you might be thinking dresses and fancy clothes, but we're talking about education. Sign up for a class outdoors and expand your skills with your partner. Wherever you may be, there are countless options for surf lessons, snowshoe guides, climbing classes, mountaineering courses, and others. Then plan a future outing to put it all to use.

5) Fancy eats with the foliage
Picnics aren’t just for parks. Get everything you need for a fancy backcountry meal in a pack and hike out to your favorite sunset spot. Even relatively close to home an outdoor meal, sunset, and your favorite craft beer is hard to beat. Throw in a candle or two for extra ambiance.

About The Author: Mason Strehl is an avid outdoor adventurer and photographer based in Washington state.  When he's not handling media here at Zenbivy, you can find him hiking in the backcountry, climbing peaks, or surfing. He has logged over 500 nights in a Zenbivy in almost every condition imaginable. Photos credit - Cover: Blake Cyrier, Article: Mason Strehl
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