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5 Ideas To Inspire Your Next Glamping Trip

5 Ideas To Inspire Your Next Glamping Trip

Park, unload, set up. You know what we're talking about - Yup, car camping!
The beauty of car camping is that weight plays no factor. There are no limitations. You don't have to stress over whether or not you should leave that extra pair of socks at home to save the weight in your pack. If your car can fit it, you can bring it!

Which leads us to the topic of… glamping. Have you tried it?! "Glamorous-camping" is the glow-up car camping deserves. Eat what you want, wear what you love, sleep in luxury. In celebration of the launch of our new Zenbivy MotoBed™, the all-in-one bedroll campers dream about, we've put together a list of 5 ideas to inspire your next glamping trip. So load up the cooler and the camp chairs, your 4-wheeled backpack is ready to roll!

1. Light It Up, Keep It Cozy
Create a cozy space with a combination of lighting and texture. Drape battery powered string lights all around the inside of your tent. Take it a step further and place a few solar-powered lanterns near any walkways. Bring a couple of colorful rugs to make your home-in-the-woods extra inviting!

2. Game Night, Movie Night? Both!
Spend quality time with your friends and family by designating an outdoor living room space. Add a hammock, some camp chairs, piles of blankets, a rug, and a couple small tables. Instead of packing the same old deck of cards, bring along a selection of board games or "glamp" to the max in your new living room with a movie under the stars. String up a white curtain between the trees and set up a small portable projector while someone makes Jiffy Pop on the campfire.


3. Ditch The Disposables

The days of flimsy paper plates and dull plastic knives are over. Use real cups, plates, utensils, and cloth napkins. Not only will you feel fancier, but it's better for the planet as well! When washing dishes, remember to follow Leave No Trace guidelines.


4. Go Bold

If there's one thing we think everyone can agree on, it's that bland food is sad food. Don't forget to bring the spices! To keep things simple, consider making your own seasoning mix. An empty tic-tac carton with a snap lid makes the perfect travel spice container.


5. Don't Settle For Ordinary

Two plain graham crackers + a most-likely-burnt marshmallow (let's be honest…) + a couple of squares of milk chocolate = been there, done that. Who says you can't change up the classics? Here are several s' mores combinations we think you should try out (with your probably-still-charred marshmallows).

  • Chocolate Chip S’mookie = 2 chocolate chip cookies + Nutella + marshmallow
  • PB S’mritz = 2 Ritz crackers + 1 peanut butter cup + a (non-jumbo!) marshmallow
  • S’mint Chocolate S’more = 2 chocolate graham crackers + 2 Andes mints + marshmallow
  • Berry S’mortbread = 2 shortbread cookies + raspberry jam + white chocolate + marshmallow
  • Caramel S’moconut = 2 Stroopwafels + milk chocolate + shredded coconut + marshmallow
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