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People of the PCT: Max Wise The Magic Hobbit

People of the PCT: Max Wise The Magic Hobbit

"The most positive German, or person for that matter, that you will ever meet. Always smiling or laughing. He could always turn your bad mood into a good one with just a smile. We had a nickname for Max. We called him Max In The Box because he just always popped up when we least expected it. Before Big Bear Lakes, the top of Baden Powell, water source before Hiker Town or just around any corner or on the other side of a ridge. He usually had another piece of gear that was broken or something else that went wrong since we last saw him, but he wouldn’t let that get him down. He also made sure he would never ever come close to running out of food. Apparently that happened on a trip in the Alps and he said never again. He would be the happiest person at camp no matter the situation he was in. If everyone was half as positive as he is the world would be a much much brighter place."  - Journey Man


What's your name / trail name or both?

Max aka "Max Wise the Magic Hobbit"

Where are you from?

Frankfurt, Germany

Why did you decide to do the PCT?

I'm feeling most alive outside and I thought that could be a magical present for myself :)

What has been the most challenging thing you've encountered on trail so far?

The most challenging things were some days in the Sierras! To find Bishop Pass without a map and saving food for two extra days was crazy. Also the six day stretch after Mammoth, where I've seen no one, was really exhausting.

What is something you've learned so far on your hike?

Accept conditions like they are and make the best out of it! :)

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