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Zenbivy Ambassador

Dedra | PCT 2024

Meet Dedra!

Meet Dedra Janvier, our 2024 Zenbivy Thru-Hiker ambassador hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. With a spirit for adventure and big dreams, Dedra’s wild soul finds joy in inspiring and supporting others to discover their unique "route to happiness" through the outdoors.

In 2019, Dedra and her partner embarked on their non-traditional route to happiness by living and working full-time from their campervan while traveling across North America. Along the way, Dedra started building a community by sharing the fun, wild and raw realities of life on the road through her social media channel “Route to Happiness.”

Next stop on the Route to Happiness: NOBO PCT 24’

Dedra’s itch to hike the PCT resurfaced in full force one evening in November of 2023, igniting a fire to find her independence and grow into the fearless, confident person she wants to become as she enters her thirties. Having grappled with major anxiety and unintentional loss of independence throughout her twenties, Dedra decided it was time to make a change by stepping out of her comfort zone and facing her struggles to shape her future 30 and thriving self. This leap of faith leads Dedra to the end of her comfort zone and the start of the PCT in April 2024 as she sets out on her first thru-hike and solo trek.

We’re so excited to be supporting Dedra as she joins the PCT class of 2024. Follow along on Dedra’s NOBO trek by tuning in weekly to Zenbivy’s Instagram and send some good vibes over to Dedra directly on The Route to Happiness.

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Q&A With Dedra


Where did The Route to Happiness name come from?

It came from starting my van life journey with my partner Garron and dogs, where we wanted to come up with a name that represented the reason we were living this alternative lifestyle but also encapsulate our energy. I believe in taking chances in life and pursuing things that make you happy and fulfilled. So "route" meaning the destination and what it looks like getting there and "happiness" representing chasing after experiences that ultimately bring you joy and fill your cup. Sometimes that means taking big risks and doing it scared but leaning into that feeling and going for it anyway. 

What do you expect the base weight of your pack to be on day 1?

The base-weight will likely be about 25 pounds to start excluding water and food of course. I'm definitely not in the ultra-lightweight category as I've decided on comfort or weight with some items. I'll also be vlogging the whole entire journey which requires more gear = more weight. 

What gear are you most excited to use?

I'm most excited to use my sleeping system. I've never had a sleep system that's so luxurious while camping in the backcountry. So I'm excited to see all these cool destinations and have a comfortable sleep at the same time.

What luxury item or unconventional piece of gear are you bringing?

Definitely an extra sleeping pad (Nemo Switchback Ultralight Mattress) to use while I'm lounging throughout the day and taking siestas while It's hot out. I originally had just a sit pad but switched out last second for the full pad so I could stretch out and not be in the dirt. 

Are there any special traditions you plan to take on while on the trail? Any good luck charms?

I'm bring a knife that was gifted to me by my father in law who passed away recently. He was always really supportive of our adventures and i'm bringing the knife to represent his wild spirit. 

What is your normal day-to-day workout routine to prepare for the trail?

My day-to-day workout routine to prepare for the trail has been strength training in the gym to feel strong throughout the whole journey. I've also been hiking a-lot on the weekends doing long miles and carrying my bag so I can start to get a sense of what that would feel like.

Any fun side trips planned for zero days along the way?

I've got nothing planned at the moment but would love to visit Yosemite National Park if I can or Sequoia National Park. Of course, Mt Whitney is a MUST and I can't wait to experience the beauty of sunrise on top of the mountain. 

If you could magically summon any snack at any time during your hike, what is your go-to trail treat?

A bag of Doritos with a diet coke 1000% would be what I would summon anytime during the hike or McDonalds french fries with a packet of mayonnaise. My go-to trail treat will be jalapeño chomps stick and Go Macro dark chocolate bars.  

What’s your mantra for dealing with the inevitable challenges that come with thru-hiking?

My mantra is "my worst day on trail is comparable to most people's best day" or "you're living the life you once dreamed of"