Zenbivy Light Quilt 10º

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  • The zipperless design of the Light Quilt gives you the weight of a closed foot box quilt, with the full-flat functionality of a convertible quilt. Zenbivy’s buttery soft 20d fabrication sets this quilt apart from its more “purist” 10d competitors. It is the softest and most durable legitimately ultralight quilt out there. Premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down rounds out the package and delivers a final quilt that is weight competitive with much more expensive offerings while delivering on Zenbivy’s promise of maximum comfort.

    The Zenbivy Light Quilt 10° is WARM. It’s built for colder sleepers and those pushing the boundaries of “3-season”. Add a Zenbivy Light Sheet 10° to create a full EN-rated sleeping bag that allows you to fully clip in when temperatures drop.

    Includes the Light Quilt and a large mesh bag for long-term storage. Dry Sack and Compression Caps sold separately.

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Matthew B.
United States United States
Haven’t taken it for a spin, already impressed

I do a lot of camping, 4 seasons, in front and back country. When possible, I hammock. Other times, I use a tent or bivy, dig a shelter, or build a shelter out of forage. I lead Scouts on similar adventures. The light bed system will give me 3 seasons of astonishing flexibility. It has lowered the weight on my overall kit, raised my insulation from the ground, and is more comfortable than a mummy bag in moderate and warm conditions. Basically, this system will replace 2 sleeping bags and a pad. My wife (who does the same camping as me) tried it out - hers arrives this week.

Steven J.
United States United States
Awesome in a Hennessy hammock

I bought my 10 degree Zenbivy Light several months ago and hadn't had a chance to use until this past weekend. The temperature was in the low 40's which is almost ideal for me as I am a hot sleeper. I sleep in a Hennessy hammock and this worked amazingly well. I was so comfortable! I am a side sleeper who switches frequently through the night. I suffered with my mummy bag for way too many years but never thought there was an option to the constant battle that ensued. I can't tell you how much of a difference the Zenbivy bag made. It is so customizable even in a given night. I was able to get my feet outside the bag when I was hot and into the warm toe box when I needed to. My pillow stayed exactly where it was suppose to as well. I honestly was a little worried that I wasn't going to love this bag when I bought it. It wasn't inexpensive and I had a little buyer's remorse right after I bought it. But I don't anymore. I really can't express what a profound difference this made in how I can sleep while camping. Unfortunately my son got in my bag and tried it out and I may be buying him one for his birthday. The company is also excellent with fantastic customer service and communication.

Sean S.
United States United States
Great Customer Service and Product

Something happened and delayed my order. Zenbivy put a free replacement in the mail quickly. The original eventually made it to my house and my wife and I liked the first set up enough that we contacted Zenbivy to pay for the second and keep it as well.

Jo J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Purchased for Kilimanjaro but turned out so much better

So in a fit of expense for my trip to the roof of Africa I purchased anything and everything I could. After a good 8 months of googling sleeping bags I decided on the full mat, sheet and large quilt, Zenbivy Light as my sleeping system. I chose it for flexibility as Kili is hot low down and freezing near the top. I also didn’t want an uncomfortable but warm constricted mummy bag that I’d toss and turn in. This couldn’t have turned out any better. I’ve now had it for two years and it is by far the piece of camping kit I have. It just makes me so happy. I sleep brilliantly and I’m always warm enough. It’s so versatile that I haven’t looked or even considered adding to this one sleeping piece of kit (and if I ever have a slight need for more kit, I buy more kit!). It’s soft, scrummy, warm, light, flexible and now practically a friend, I pull it out of its bag and smile. I ❤️ you Zenbivy! Just come to the UK so everyone else can enjoy you too!

Dan L.
United States United States
Zenbivy FTW! (For The Win)

This is my second 10 degree Light Quilt and sheet! What a great product. It is the Swiss Army Knife of sleep systems. Trust me, just buy it and take it for a test drive. You'll love it!

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