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Zenbivy Light Pillow

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  • Weighing in at a mere 2.5 ounces, this comfort item should find its way into even the lightest of ultralight packs. The exclusive 2-piece design is both lighter and more comfortable than other pillows on the market. Plus, the separate pillowcase is easy to wash and provides enough space to stuff extra clothing items inside to dial-in the softness and height at which you sleep best. We can’t think of any other product that offers more comfort per gram than the Zenbivy Light Pillow.

    Includes the pillowcase, air bladder, and pillow stuff sack.

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    Shelley T.
    United States
    Better than I imagined!

    I bought the Zenbivy sleep system because it looked so much more comfortable than anything else on the market and it didn’t disappoint. I bought the 25* system, used for the first time in 39* weather and was toasty warm while only wearing a t-shirt and underwear. I’m a side sleeper, 6’ 1” and 195lbs. Well worth the investment to me!!!

    matt m.
    United States United States
    Great pillow

    I like the pillows. Have the light and the regular. The light once inflated is almost indistinguishable. Just slightly less pillow case cushioning and Packs down to nearly half the size of the regular. The case material is soft, feels great. Easy to fill the air. But since the pillow cases do have extra room around a full air bladder (for stuffing clothes etc) why not possibly a larger air bladder too? The more optional pillow the better

    Paul W.
    United States United States
    Too thin, too flimsy

    Let me start by saying this is the only disappointing piece I bought with my two sleeping bags and pads. The pillow was a mistake. It is only perhaps 1 1/2 - 2" deep, and a thin plastic interior. Makes for light traveling but much to small for use. Even my 13 and 16 year old kids couldn't use it. Instead, I took the cover and stuffed in my unused clothes to make a hard pillow. The material is nice for that purpose and I used it to separate my unused clothing from everything else in the bag. The concept is sound but the size of the inflatable interior is the issue.

    Richard R.
    Australia Australia
    It’s okay. Nothing more.

    The Zenbivy pillow suffers from the same issues as all the other plastic bag full of air pillows. It takes ages to establish the most comfortable amount of air for an individual and often once that is established it can’t be easily replicated. This is been a problem since we started blowing air into empty cask wine bladders in the 1970s. The separate pillow case is a good idea but it does not solve the main problem of any of these devices. I prefer the shape of my Exped air pillow and will probably use that inside the Zenbivy pillow case in future. The Zenbivy pillow is by far the weak link in the Zenbivy system and it would be good for the system designers to come up with an original solution rather than just replicating the problems everybody else has and applying slick marketing.

    Oliver S.
    United States United States
    Super light yet still comfy!

    I’ve tried lots of inflatable backpacking pillows. This is the only one worth taking. Well executed, super light, yet still an actual pillow.