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Zenbivy Bed 29º Synthetic

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  • The original Zenbivy Bed is the most comfortable backcountry sleeping bag ever designed. If you’re looking for a comfy bag that’s not only amazing at a developed campground but is light and compact enough for backcountry backpacking, this is the bed for you! Sleep in any position and in the widest range of temperatures—zipped up and tucked-in on cold nights, un-zipped and untucked on warm nights. The original Zenbivy Bed is the ultimate in camping comfort.

    This is no dumbed-down synthetic like most brands offer. This bed features the exact build and the same buttery-soft fabrics as the down version. We use a 1d/3d polyester synthetic that is as soft as it gets. Then we spec’d a slightly higher rating to minimize the synthetic weight penalty. All-in-all, it’s as comfortable and as backcountry-worthy as the original.

    Includes the fitted sheet, convertible top quilt, and large mesh bag for long-term storage. (Mattress, pillow, and dry sack sold separately).

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    Terry H.
    United States United States
    Pretty good for RV bunk

    My Coachmen Galleria 24A class B motorhome has twin bunks, basically the size of a sleeping pad but 4" memory foam cushions with an asymmetrically angled foot. The beds are designed to recline electrically, so there's an awkward hinge in the hip area that regular sheets don't like. The Zenbivy sheet fits it perfectly. The stretchy parts mold around the weird angle, and the fact that it hooks around the corners and not in the middle works perfectly with the hinge area. The downsides: The least insulated Zenbivy they offer, 29 degrees is way too warm for an inside bunk in a heated RV. And the colors are inappropriate for my lovely silver Mercedes van. I went with the black and red combination and will add some red accents around the van to pull it together. I'm not in love with the way the bed zips together. It's a great design for a tent but messy for an indoor bed. I would have liked to be able to zip it to the sheet all the way around the foot end to make it appear a bit more trim and "made up" like a regular bed. I would have preferred a 60 degree bag with a nice silver-gray color option, but I'm not dinging any stars for those things, since that's not what the Zenbivy was made for. Nobody cares what color the sleeping bags are in their tent, and 29 degrees is just fine for sleeping outdoors. These would be incredibly nice for car camping in a tent. If I'm not sleeping in my camper van, I'm backpacking in a hammock. These would never do for that, they're way too heavy and completely unsuited to a hammock. In my opinion, even the Zenbivy light is too heavy for backpacking. However, I'm rating it 4 stars for its intended purpose, car camping in a tent. Zenbivy, if you're listening, you might find a rich market for a 60 degree Zenbivy in decorator colors. Many small motorhomes, trailers and even boats have weird beds that are pushed up against walls and we're all struggling to find the right bedding. Maybe even modify the design to zip all the way around from left side across the foot and back up the right in a U shape. That way it will accommodate wherever the walls end up relative to the bed.

    Carol H.
    United States United States
    Cozy but cool

    This bed is very comfortable and fits the mattress perfectly. My only complaint is being very cold at temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s, despite wearing thermal long johns and extra fleece on my torso. After the first night I bought a down jacket to wear inside the bag in order to be warm enough. We were car camping in northern Arizona at 7000 ft. altitude in mid-May.

    United States United States
    Great product

    I have had the 29 degree for a little over a year now. I live in New Mexico and do a lot of higher elevation camping so all of my gear is a little bit geared for the colder side of things (for a warm sleeper like myself) I had this system paired with just a self inflating REI pad with an r value of 5 and a secondary puffy throw blanket for some below freezing camping and I woke up sweating from being too warm on my Hammock! I really don’t like under quilts so this suits me very well and I don’t feel any cold spots under me. I honestly don’t really use the hood but it’s gives you a little cushion. I firmly believe that down products are for experienced people so the synthetic is very forgiving. On the same trip, my friends got condensation on them from their tents that wet their down bags and they got cold. The second night on the the trip I got lazy and didn’t run my rain fly and woke up SOAKED in dew and I didn’t know any better because I was still warm. A little time in the sun and everything was dry and crisp.

    Jessie B.
    United States United States
    So comfortable

    I am so impressed with my new sleep system for backpacking. Its lightweight and warm and allowed me to sleep comfortably since I did not like being confined in a mummy sleeping bag. I was able to sleep like i do at home stayed warm when needed and its so soft i love the feel of the material. The fitted sheet is so genius i love the feel of it as well and i dont stick to my pad!

    Dave K.
    United States United States
    Best nights sleep ever

    What a great innovative idea, the quilt type system is exactly what I needed, and it fits my oversized air pattress perfectly.