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Zenbivy Bed 10° + Flex™ Mattress Bundle

  • If you're someone that mostly car camps, sometimes backpacks, and prioritizes comfort above all else, then this is the sleep system for you. The original Zenbivy Bed with Flex™ Mattress offers maximum comfort and convenience. This bundle includes everything you need for your perfect night's sleep.

    - Zenbivy Bed (Sheet + Quilt)
    - Flex™ Mattress
    - Inflation Dry Sack
    - Quilted Pillow
    - Dry Sack (recommended size: 15L)
    - Compression Caps (recommended size: 15L)

    Select your sizes/colors below. Note: Be sure to match the mattress size to your Zenbivy Bed sheet size (20x72, 25x77, or 30x80)

    The price displayed above is the final bundle price for the variants selected below.

    Need help with sizing? Take a look at our size guide or click the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner and we'll help you out. When in doubt, size up. Bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm.


Size Guide