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MotoBed™ 35° Synthetic

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  • The MotoBed™ is the easiest, fastest, most comfortable camp bed ever designed. Comfort shouldn't be a hassle. Just roll it out, let it inflate, top off the mattress to your desired comfort level, and hit the hay. Designed to function like your bed at home, the Zenbivy MotoBed™ is a complete sleep system optimized for car camping.

    We've included everything you need (except your favorite pillow from home) to camp in luxury:

    - Convertible rectangular top quilt

    - Dual-layer mattress

    - Sheet with integrated hood

    - Soft pongee pillowcase (pillow not included)

    - Convenient carry bag





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    Audrey H.
    United States United States

    I love this bed

    I am so excited that this bed is all that it was advertised to be and more. It is perfectly ergonomically designed, I like to sleep with my arm up and under my pillow, the pillow pocket kept my arm warm. I have camped in warm, mild and frigid temps and I was comfortable in all temps Only complaint the storage bag ripped the second time I used it so it no longer has the airtight seal and can be complicated to close.

    Brad L.
    United States United States

    Love this Bed

    I have used this a couple of times and absolutely love it. It is very comfortable. It does take up a lot of space but it is totally worth it.

    Cindy M.
    United States United States

    The Absolute Best MotoBed

    WOW!! The most comfortable sleep ever. Buy Zenbivy MotoBed if you want the most comfortable sleep.

    Lara D.
    United States United States

    Awesome system, terrible bag

    Ugh, it’s hard to know where I’ve landed on this. I bought it the day it went live after months of counting down, and have used it all summer in a variety of conditions. In theory, the MotoBed is the perfect sleep solution for car camping. I hated cobbling together a separate air mattress, foam pad, cover, sleeping bag, etc in the past to get a good night’s sleep. This bed is comfy (takes some trial and error with air firmness for side sleepers but you can get there). But most of all, the all-in-one construction is wonderful. I hate camping clutter, and the ability to roll out one piece, pillow included, is heaven. The fabric is so soft, the pillow hood is genius, and you can really tell how much deliberate care and research went into getting this right. Which is why it’s all the more frustrating that the carrying bag is AWFUL. It has nearly made this experience not worth it for me. The tension roll-down method only works well when the bed is still factory tight. After it’s been opened even once, it’s hard to get the bed back down to a compactness where the closure is usable. I’m patient and good at deflating, and still, every time I pack up I’m left with a huge open gap at the top. Even when I get a few good rolls, the counter-pull from the carrying straps opens it all back up. And that was all before the straps started ripping… Without a closed bag, you’re left with a loose unprotected mess that undoes so much of the benefit of having an all-in-one bed. Any zipper, velcro, or rip cords would have been better. This is the most I’ve ever paid for a sleep system, and it would be worth it if it stayed in a well-closed bag. For now I’ve bought an **** giant duffel bag to carry my bed around in, but it’s really taken the joy and satisfaction out of something that’s so well-designed in every other way.



    Lara, Thank you so much for your review. We greatly appreciate customer feedback like this! The failed stitching on the bag is a sewing defect and is absolutely covered under warranty. I've sent you an email with further details on the free repair. Thank you for supporting Zenbivy! - Kylie Torrence

    Jennifer H.
    United States United States

    First two nights

    Although i purchased two large Motobeds in March, we just had the first opportunity to camp with them in the iKamper mini roof top tent. They were super easy to set up and very comfy. i preferred to unzip the comforters because it felt more like I was sleeping in my bed at home. The temperature at night only went down to the high 50’s, so not sure it will be warm enough for winter camping. I wish Zenbivy made a two person blanket that we could use on cold nights, I originally overfilled and it was too hard, but it was very easy to let out a little air to adjust to my comfort level for back sleeping. I have shoulder injuries and it wasn’t that comfortable for me to lie on my side. It was perfect for my husband, so i assume it was just me. I might try to add one of the other mattresses under my side next time to see if i can make it more comfortable for side sleeping with a shoulder injury.