Light Bed 10° Bundle

Size Guide
  • The Light Bed bundle is best for avid backpackers looking for both comfort and versatility at the lowest possible weight and bulk. The zipperless hook & loop design of the Light Bed gives you the full-flat functionality of a convertible quilt at a minimal weight. The Light Mattress is compact and light, yet warm and durable, built for undisturbed sleep with 180g of fully baffled synthetic insulation, so you can catch some quality zzz's in the backcountry. This bundle includes everything you need for your perfect night's sleep —

    - Convertible Light Quilt

    - Fitted Light Sheet
    - Light Mattress and Inflation Dry Sack
    - Light Pillow
    - Dry Sack (recommended size is pre-selected)

    Select your sizes/colors below. Note: Be sure to match the mattress size to the Light Sheet size (20x72 or 25x77).

    The price displayed above is the final bundle price for the variants selected. "Compare-at" price is calculated from the most expensive, largest size combo.

    Need help with sizing? Take a look at our size guide or click the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner and we'll help you out. When in doubt, size up. Bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm.