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    A Zenbivy Double Bed is for couples that want to sleep comfortably together—on top of one mattress and under one quilt—just like they would at home. The Double Beds feature a generously-sized Double Quilt 25° (complete with our legendary Pongee lining) that functions and feels just like a comforter at home, and a double-wide fitted sheet that is designed to hold either one double mattress or two single mattresses securely in place.

    The Zenbivy Double Quilt 25° can be paired with the Light Sheet Double to create a lightweight sleep system fit for backcountry couples, or the quilt can be paired with the Luxe Sheet Double to form a sleep system optimized for luxury car camping.

    Light Bed Double 25°

    Designed for backpackers mindful of the weight they carry, the Light Bed Double sheds over 1/2 pound by swapping the Pongee fabric sheet for a 20d nylon taffeta Light Sheet Double. To lighten it up even more, the integrated hood is filled with the same premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down as the quilt.

    $518. Starting at 3 lb 15 oz.

    Luxe Bed Double 25°

    The Luxe Bed Double is ideal for car camping or backpacking where weight is not the top concern. The luxurious feel of snuggling in between the fully Pongee Luxe Sheet Double and the Pongee lining of the Double Quilt is the ultimate in camping comfort. The XD Synthetic insulated hood is soft, cozy, and makes washing the sheet a breeze.

    $548. Starting at 4 lb 8 oz.