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  • Built to last you a lifetime, it's the last mug you'll ever need.

    Why is Zenbivy doing a mug? The answer is simple. There just weren't any GOOD lightweight backcountry mugs on the market. Existing titanium mugs either have no lid, a lid that leaks, or a lid that is not replaceable. Plastic mugs retain odors and tastes and they're generally not durable. Many insulated mugs have attached handles that are just added weight and a waste of space...

    Weighing in at just 4.4 oz, the Bivy Mug is the perfect ultralight backpacking mug. The 450ml titanium mug features a sleek handle-less design, a replaceable lid that is guaranteed to never leak, and double-wall insulation to keep your beverage at the optimum temperature without burning your hands or lips.