Zenbivy Light Mattress

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  • The only ultralight, all-season mattress that is quiet, easy to inflate and WARM. The Zenbivy Light Mattress is soft and silent, built for undisturbed sleep with 180g of fully baffled synthetic insulation. No crinkly chip bag sounds and no cold spots! The Light Mattress is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for backcountry adventures.

    The included Inflation Dry Sack is designed to make set up a breeze. Long gone are the lightheaded days of blowing up your mattress by breath. The fully-welded Inflation Dry Sack allows for easy inflation in under a minute.

    Includes the Light Mattress, Inflation Dry Sack, and repair kit

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Matt B.
United States United States
Huge upgrade. So happy with this purchase!

Seems to be a great mattress - as light as my old air mattress but with significantly higher insulation and comfort. The inflation system is also a huge advance: 11 - 15 pumps with the bag and it is plenty firm.

David M.
United States United States

Not regretting buying this mattress. Third mattress I’ve tried in a year and so far this is number 1. Back, side, stomach, no issues.

Barbara H.
United States United States
Zenbivy Light Mattress

The best sleeping pad that I have tried!

Alison B.
United States United States
The Best sleep!

My pops talked myself and my sister into getting kayaks and we decided we'd like to start camping on the river. That ment we needed to look into gear that packs down small enough to fit into them AND keep us warm on the river bed. I came across Zenbivy and after reading a review left by a man telling about how his wife was freezing one night, she claimed his as her own, he had to come back and buy a second bed, I knew I'd be disappointed with anything else! While my old man and sis went the cheap route, I splurged and got the (25" wide) light 25° bed. Our first time down the river, I was out in a minute and didn't wake up once! Unfortunately I can't say the same for my family. I tried to warn them, a decent night's sleep worth every penny! I am in love with this bed! Thank you Zenbivy

Stacy K.
So comfy!

I have back problems and am a side sleeper. Normally, if a mattress is too inflated it hurts my back, so I let air out but by the time it feels comfy I usually feel my hip hitting the ground. Not with this one! It's thick and comfy enough that I don't need to put closed-cell foam pad underneath to cushion my hip. I like that you don't have to blow it up with your mouth. Still takes quite a few stuff sacks full of air, so not necessarily quicker to inflate, but easier, and much faster to deflate. Because of the fast deflation though, if you're opening it just to use the "let the air out gradually" feature (which is great!) to get the right firmness while you're laying on it, make sure you hold the second tab down while you pull the top one off. I didn't do that once and accidentally pulled both off opening up the whole thing and sunk right to the ground losing all the air before I could close it back up. I ended up going with the larger mattress to accommodate my side sleeping because with my old setup either my knees or butt were getting a little cold sticking off, but this is wide enough. The trade-off, which I didn't think about, was that in colder weather with the quilt system, there's now more dead air on the side of me being that it's wider and so the quilt is also wider. So it solved one cold problem but created another (unfortunately I didn't discover this until after the return period, so I guess I'll just have to shove some clothes alongside me).

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