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  • Luxe Bed Double 25°

    • Sleep with your partner, not just next to them. The new Luxe Bed Double 25° features a generously-sized Double Quilt (complete with our legendary Pongee lining) that functions and feels just like a comforter from home. The double-wide fitted sheet is designed to hold either one double mattress or two single mattresses securely in place. Together, the quilt and sheet create a bed fit for lovers. Sleep comfortably with your partner at camp just like you would in your bed at home.

      The Luxe Bed Double 25° is optimized for comfort-focused couples, offering a fully-Pongee fitted sheet to match the luxuriously soft lining of the Double Quilt.

      Includes a Double Quilt 25°, Luxe Sheet Double 25°, and a large mesh bag for long-term storage. Mattresses, pillows, and compression sold separately.