Thermarest® BaseCamp™

Cascade Designs

  • The Thermarest® Basecamp™ mattress is a soft reminder of just how good sleeping outdoors can be. Designed as a deluxe, updated version of their classic mattress, Basecamp offers the exceptional comfort and self-inflating convenience of a robust foam core mattress. Plus, it's built to provide all-season warmth and top-notch support and stability. If you are still huffing and puffing into your ultralight backpacking mattress while car camping, its time to add some zen to your motorized bivy! Basecamp comfort is just a click away.


Size Guide

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Size Guide

Unlike mummy bags, there is no thermal disadvantage to a larger size Zenbivy Bed because it is always free to wrap snugly around you. So bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm.  If you are an "active" sleeper or have a "wide" sleeping position, you may want to size up to sleep naturally.  When in doubt, size up.

Size Description Fits Height Fits Weight Quilt Dimensions (flat) Fits mattress Thermarest® size Dry Sack size Compressed Size
20R 20” Sheet + Regular Quilt 4’10 to 5’10” 75 to 175 pounds 78” x 54” 20” x 72” up to 3” thick Regular 7-10 liters 5 liters
20L 20” Sheet + Large Quilt 5’6” to 6’6” 125 to 225 pounds 86” x 58” 20” x 72” up to 3” thick Regular 7-10 liters 5 liters
25L 25” Sheet + Large Quilt 5’6” to 6’6” 175 to 275 pounds 86” x 58” 25” x 77” up to 3” thick Large 7-10 liters 5 liters