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  • Light Quilt 10°

    67 Reviews
    Footbox Style
    • The versatile, minimalist design of a backpacking quilt makes it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to reduce the weight and bulk of their sleep system. The zipperless Zenbivy Light Quilt is lightweight and compact but prioritizes both comfort and adaptability. Between our super soft 20D fabric, convertible draft-free zipper-less foot box, carefully engineered baffle system, and pure semi-rectangular shape, we’re certain our Light Quilt is not only the most versatile quilt on the market but the most comfortable as well. Premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down rounds out the package and delivers a final quilt that is weight competitive with much more expensive offerings while delivering on Zenbivy’s promise of maximum comfort.

      The Light Quilt 10° is WARM. It’s built for colder sleepers and those pushing the boundaries of “3-season”. Add a Light Sheet 10° to create a complete Bed that allows you to fully clip in when temperatures drop.

      Includes the Light Quilt and a large mesh bag for long-term storage. Sheet, mattress, and accessories sold separately.

    Fast Footbox™ vs. Convertible Footbox

    The Fast Footbox™ is our simplest, lightest, and quickest. With a single clip and minimal fuss, it easily converts from warm “mummy mode” to spacious “wide mode”.

    In addition to both mummy and wide modes, our Convertible Footbox also unclips to lay completely flat. The Convertible Footbox provides maximum versatility in warmer temperatures and when used with accessories.

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      Anne SVG verified by SHOP
      Australia Australia

      So soooo comfortable

      Joe SVG verified by SHOP
      United States United States

      I seriously think that zenbivy is by far the most comfortable sleep system for camping. Nothing else even comes close. Worth the few extra ounces.

      Jerry s.
      United States United States

      Game Changer

      In all my years of over nights in the back country, this system by far is the the most comfortable. Would not hesitate to buy again.

      Carlyle V.
      United States United States

      First warm night I’ve had in the cold

      Temps didn’t get as low as I thought but kept me super warm and no drafts down to 30 so far. Love my new quilt!

      J. Eisen
      United States United States

      First impressions (ordering/shipping/quality/initial impressions etc.)

      Oh man....I think I honestly found my new sleep system and might never go back. But first some initial impressions. Ordering was straightforward with Zenbivy's site being easy to navigate and with plenty of advance notice on their upcoming "better than Black Friday Sale. (The advance notice was greatly appreciated as I was getting a little eager to get my 10 degree Light Bed in hand for some fall weather testing and almost jumped the gun.) Shipping was better than average. Didn't blow me away with next day arrival....but was solidly within expectations and the product arrived in a more than timely fashion on the day tracking indicated so all expectations were met. Initial impressions on quality are quite good. The down fill power on the 10 degree looks quite good after letting the quilt loft up a bit. Close inspection of all stitching on both the quilt and sheet look great. Anchor points for the tab and loop system all look solid. Other general impressions: Fabrics: I have to say the fabrics chosen are just about as soft as I've ever experienced. I've owned a number of mummy bags over the years....everything from summer 30 degree bags down to -20 winter bags......from Moonstone, Marmot, Therm-A-Rest......all great in their way.....but none were constructed of a fabric that I particularly enjoyed in direct contact with my skin. The Light Bed fabrics have an uncanny way of feeling "soft" (almost cottony) despite being 20d nylon. I'll still sleep in a dedicated night time underlayer as that's my habit and keeps the laundering of my bags and quilts to a minimum, but this Light Bed is seriously soft and comfortable....and not the slightest bit crinkly. Its as close to my bed's down comforter as I have the right to ask for while out in the backcountry. Roominess vs. drafts: Zenbivy seems to have really nailed it here. All done up (e.g. footbox converted and all hooks engaged) I can draw this quilt up around me and feel as "tucked in" as any mummy bag. But I'm a bit of a restless side sleeper and therefore totally accustomed to moving around and drawing blankets or quilts back around me. The Light Bed is as "bed like" as I've ever experienced in this regard. In my opinion, all the draft free benefits of a mummy but with all the freedom of movement benefits of a loose top quilt! Hook and loop vs. Zippers: Some have commented on the lack of zippers on the Light Bed declaring zippers to be preferable but I think i have to strongly disagree. The amount of time I've spent in the dead of night, rather urgently needing to exit my bag, but instead sorting out stuck zipper in fragile fabric is........well......frustrating to say the least. Personally I find the hook and loop system to be 100% intuitive. Easily undone one-handed if your understand the system. One or two are sufficient to exit like you would a 3/4 zip mummy.....but with just a couple more detachments I can exit by throwing the entire quilt aside eliminating the need for that little fetal gymnastics routine I normally have to do to exit my 3/4 zip mummies. I am an instant fan of the hook and loop system and love that I it gives me exit options on both sides without having to fight my way past a 3/4 length zipper. Not for nothing but as I age, night time calls to nature have become a little more frequent and having a sleep system that makes it easy to exit and re-enter is something that perhaps only the older set will appreciate but is still a major benefit. Light Mattress: I haven't had a chance to put the R value to the test yet but initial impressions is that it's just about as comfortable as my favorite (though not particularly light) pad pad from Big Agnes and FAR SUPERIOR to some ultralight pads I wasted money on from some other brands. It's reasonably light, seems to be well insulated, and is devoid of that potato chip bag crinkle that many of my lighter mattresses seem to come with. Looking forward to putting this one through it's paces in some late fall weather here. Light Sheet and Hood: What a pleasure to have a system that stays in place and does not fight me when I toss and turn at night!! Equally important is the voluminous down filled hood that lets me slip in a pillow AND my arm under the pillow, without becoming tight and compressing the down fill!! The number of times I found myself removing my pillow system outside my mummy bag to solve this problem....then waking to find my pillow had squirted out off the pad and onto the tent floor in the middle of the night is on par with my stuck zipper problem. Zenbivy seems to have solved this! Hurrah!! It's clear some serious thought and design went into this system. I'm already sold on most of the design choices. More to follow after using this system on our through-hike in Iceland in the spring. Nice Job Zenbivy!!