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  • Light Bed 10°

    56 Reviews
    • NOTE: For help with sheet sizing, please see the Specs + Materials tab

      You don't have to choose between an ultralight pack or comfort at camp—the Light Bed gives you the best of both worlds. Our 2-piece sleeping bag combines the warmth and draft-free performance of a mummy bag with the luxurious comfort of a backpacking quilt. It's built to feel like your bed at home with a sheet below you and a quilt above so you can get a comfortable, natural night's sleep outdoors without the constriction of a mummy bag.

      We've refined every aspect to save weight including using performance fabrics, high-quality down, and a unique ultra-secure hook and loop system to add versatility to the setup. We built the Light Bed for performance so you can go further outdoors in comfort.

      The Light Bed 10° is WARM. It’s built for colder sleepers and those pushing the boundaries of “3-season”.

      The Light Bed 10° includes the Light Quilt 10°, Light Sheet 10°, and an extra-large mesh bag for long-term storage. (Mattress, pillow, and compression sold separately)

    Fast Footbox™ vs. Convertible Footbox

    The Fast Footbox™ is our simplest, lightest, and quickest. With a single clip and minimal fuss, it easily converts from warm “mummy mode” to spacious “wide mode”.

    In addition to both mummy and wide modes, our Convertible Footbox also unclips to lay completely flat. The Convertible Footbox provides maximum versatility in warmer temperatures and when used with accessories.

    Light Quilt Features

    Light Sheet Features

    Customer Reviews
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      United States United States

      Best Sleep Outdoors Ever

      Before Zenbivy, I had never invested in a good quality sleep system and just settled for uncomfortable and ****** nights while sleeping outdoors. This sleep system changed on all that. I was super warm and comfortable all night. The convertible foot box is easy to use, and I even got it done in the dark. The adjustability is excellent as well. If I am cold, I can latch it all down. But, as I get warm, I can loosen everything up and let in the crisp night air as needed. I had a great experience and totally recommend this sleep system.

      Chris G.
      United States United States

      Awesome Sleep System

      Pretty pricey at first...but...I had probably the best sleep while camping using the Zenbivy Light Bed! I am happy with this purchase and I look forward to many more great nights of sleep using this system. This was the 1st quilt bed I have had and it is way better then a mummy bag! I love having the convertible foot box have lots of options.

      Bruno L.
      United States United States

      I sleep as good in the backcountry as I do at home (maybe better).

      As a side and stomach sleeper that rolls frequently, the Zen Bivy made all the difference for me. I could never get a good night sleep in a mummy bag. Now I sleep better than I ever have. Just got done with a 6-day trek in 50 degree temps and was a little worried about the 10 degree bag being too hot. But with a fast sheet (instead of my 10 degree sheet), opening the convertible footbox and unhooking one side of the quilt, I was able to easily regulate temperature in a way that is nearly impossible in a mummy bag. Any in colder temps it is just awesome with the 10 degree sheet. Very happy with the Zen Bivy.

      United States United States

      The sleep system that works everywhere

      My wife and I paired our 10 degree light beds with Big Agnes Rapide SL Mattresses. We bought them in March, and we have over 20 nights sleeping on them. In one word - Wow! I've had all kinds of sleeping bags over fifty years. Most of those years were spent sleeping on either a foam mat or the self-inflatable Thermarest pad with plenty of couches mixed in. The only times I was really comfortable sleeping was when I was in a hammock. The rest of the time I slept OK and just accepted that camping meant that you're always less comfortable when trying to sleep. Not anymore. There's no doubt about it - modern air mattresses are a big part of the comfort in this system. A traditional sleeping bag on a modern air mattress is a big improvement. However, the Light Bed combined with a quality air mattress rivals the comfort of sleeping in some of the best beds, even in terrible weather conditions. With the air mattress/pad, you don't have any pressure points to cause aches and pains. With the innovative quilt, you can sleep in any position and change positions without a limit and without sliding off of your sleep pad. It's hard to explain how a person who is used to sleeping on a king sized select comfort bed is just as comfortable in this combination, but I am. It's to the point that when I visit someone overnight, if there are any limits on bed space, I'm the first to volunteer to sleep on the floor in this system. In truth, I prefer sleeping in this system to most guest beds - but sometimes people find it weird when you would rather sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag instead of on their bed. The big challenge for most people is choosing between the 25 and 10 degree versions. My wife and I went with the 10 degree bags because she tends to sleep cold. For her the 10 degree quilt and quilt liner was the absolute correct choice. She has stayed warm and comfortable on nights that dipped down to the low 20s in the rain and wind, and had no trouble, when in the past she would have issues sleeping in a 0 degree bag on a traditional pad. I sleep warmer, so I'd like a little less weight and a little less bulk on typical warmer nights. Having said that, I still sleep comfortably because it doesn't take long to figure out how to adjust the different loops and catches to modify the bed for comfort in practically any temperature. As it is, after a few nights sleeping with this system, it's pretty easy to stay comfortable and avoid sweating by tweaking connection points and the convertible foot box. I really love how versatile this system is and expect to get years of regular use from it. Now I'm excitedly waiting for the new quilt liners. I think they will add more customizability to different temperatures while helping keep the quilt clean during most use cases.

      Canada Canada


      A very nice sleeping bed, comfortable and quite warm. Provides a lot of room inside and helps to stay on the pad throughout the night.