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  • This is no ordinary stuff sack. The Zenbivy Dry Sack features fully-welded seams for a watertight seal you can trust, instant compression through its high-speed mechanical valve, and durable yet lightweight construction. Only the best for your Zenbivy Bed! Our Dry Sacks are compression compatible, not all-in-one, which means you get to choose. Pair your Zenbivy Dry Sack with our Compression Caps to get an even smaller, more compact bundle for packing.

    Compression Caps sold separately.

    7L, 10L, or 15L? Click over to the Specs + Materials tab to see which size Dry Sack we recommend for each of our Beds.

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Steven J.
United States United States
Great dry sack but where’s the duck?

I love these sacks. They work great and I can get my Zenbivy 10 degree bag so small with the compression caps. My only complaint is that they don’t make as much of a duck noise as I had hoped. My camping partners are happy about that however. I love all of the Zenbivy products that I have purchased.


Steven: HA! You are the only one who misses the sound. Our new valves are improved to minimize the compressed bag slowing the airflow -which is what sometimes caused the duck squeak sound that everyone universally hated. The new valves dump air much faster, and are virtually silent (meaning, they generally do not make annoying noises). With that change, we believe our dry sacks and compression sacks are by-far the best available anywhere. Hope you LOVE them and thanks for supporting Zenbivy!

Blake L.
United States United States
Dry Bags are Awesome

I have four of the 7L bags and 4 of the 10 L bags. They kept all of my sons clothes dry when the scouts went to Northern Tier in Ely, Minnesota. The closet he’s inside stayed dry and it made packing his duffel bag easy to pack and unpack.

Best Dry Sacks Ever!!!!

Love these dry sacks. Very high quality construction and can stand up to abuse. I used a 10L as a food bag and had it sitting on the ground a lot with no damage to the bag and it stayed clean too. These are very tough sacks and I really stuffed a lot into them. My 25° quilt, sheet and quilted pillow fit into the 7L bag with a little room to spare for a couple of pairs of socks and light sleep clothes. I love the vent that allows air to escape as you stuff the sack and as you roll the top down, it makes it so much easier to get the sack closed and compacted! The vent makes a funny noise when the air blows out, but the sound is worth getting the air out and I've learned how to stuff things down better to reduce the need for pushing out so much air in the vent. One thing that initially bothered me with the vent is that after it sits closed for a while, air starts coming back in the vent and fills any open space in the bag back up, taking away the compactness of it. However, after some use I came to see it as kind of a good feature because inside your pack it fills the empty space around it and helps keep stuff from shifting around. To put it in my pack I get it really compressed by pushing air out of the vent and then I can mold it into the shape I need to fit into, even if it's a skewed or awkward spot. In about 5 minutes it will expand to fit the spot perfectly. Highly recommend!

The Zen-iest of dry bags

I ordered 10L Zenbivy Dry bags for my Zenbivy Light beds and they store my bag, sheet, pillow and sleep clothing perfectly! It may way a little more than a DCF bag but it truly is submersible wet protected and exactly what my ultralight setup needs, complete comfort without sacrificing much weight! It really is the best system out there, not the lightest of the light, but certainly light enough to keep my base under 10-12 and get that Zen like home sleep at night! Thank you Zenbivy!

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