Zenbivy Light Mattress

Zenbivy Light Mattress

September 11, 2019

Inflating your Light Mattress the first time:
The Light Mattress uses an inflation sack to aid with inflation. This allows for quicker inflation times, and also keeps moisture out of your mattress. 

Storing your Light Mattress:
The Light Mattress can be stored rolled up and inside it's inflation sack. The insulation we use spreads upon inflation to insulate, so does not need to be stored folded or laid out. Make sure your mattress is clean and dry before it's stored. 

To inflate:
  1. Make sure the valve is facing the correct direction to allow air to flow into the mattress. The red tab on the reversible valve should be flipped so the "inflate" side is facing outward. You will have the green center button facing out (the large, circular part of the green valve will be inside the mattress).
  2. Couple the inflation sack with the valve on the mattress.
  3. Open inflation sack and hold it into the wind to fill with air. If there is no wind, you can blow gently into the top of the sack to fill it. Roll the inflation sack from the top to squeeze the air into the mattress. Once the mattress is firm, remove the inflation sack. 
  4. Lay on the mattress on your side, push the green valve to slowly deflate until your hip just bottoms out, so you are using the full depth of the mattress.  This is a great starting position to determine how firm or soft the mattress should be to work best for you.  Note that most people tend to run the mattress too firm.  Softer is generally more comfortable even if you sleep on a firm mattress at home.  Experiment to determine what works best for you.
  5. Secure the valve with the outer cap.  Note if you want to adjust the pressure after the outer cap is attached, you will need to hold the valve in place when removing the cap to avoid pulling the valve completely out.
To deflate:
  1. Pull the valve completely out.
  2. Loosely roll the mattress (without folding) and push out as much air as possible. Insert the valve with the large round circular part of the valve on the outside, and the green button facing to the inside of the mattress. Unroll and fold the mattress into thirds, then roll the mattress into a compact storage roll.  Once all air is out, secure the valve with the outer cap.
  3. Place in storage sack and start planning your next adventure!

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Size Guide

Unlike mummy bags, there is no thermal disadvantage to a larger size Zenbivy Bed because it is always free to wrap snugly around you. So bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm. If you are an "active" sleeper or have a "wide" sleeping position, you may want to size up to sleep naturally. When in doubt, size up.

Size Description Fits Height Fits Weight Fits mattress
Regular-20x72 Regular Quilt + 20x72 Sheet 4’10 to 5’10” up to 175 pounds 20” x 72” up to 3” thick
Large-20x72 Large Quilt + 20x72 Sheet 5’6” to 6’6” up to 225 pounds 20” x 72” up to 3” thick
Large-25x77 Large Quilt + 25x77 Sheet 5’6” to 6’6” up to 250 pounds 25” x 77” up to 3” thick
XL-25x77* Extra-Large Quilt + 25x77 Sheet up to 6’10” up to 325 pounds 25” x 77” up to 3” thick
XL-30x80** Extra-Large Quilt + 30x80 Sheet up to 6’10” up to 350 pounds 30” x 80” up to 3” thick


* XL-25x77 available in Zenbivy Light Bed only

**XL-30x80 available in original Zenbivy Bed only

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