Zenbivy Bed

Zenbivy Bed

January 04, 2020

Setting up your Zenbivy Bed for the first time:
So you've gotten a Zenbivy Original Bed. Congrats! We're excited to get you out on your adventures as comfortably as possible. Let's get to it...

Step 1: Inflate your sleeping pad. 
Our sleep system uses a sleeping pad as a base - You'll need one to properly set up your Zenbivy Bed. This insulates from below so you're warm and comfortable all night. If you have a Flex Mattress, you can find inflation instructions HERE.

Step 2: Put the sheet on.
2.1) The sheet is the thin fabric piece with the hood. Just like your bed at home, slide the sheet over your mattress - the holes in the corners of the sheet should go over the corners of your sleeping pad.

2.2) Secure the clips on the bottom of the mattress so your sheet stays on the mattress. 

Step 3: Secure the footbox.
Note: This is an optional step. Some like to use the quilt as they would a blanket at home for warm nights. 

3.1) Find the zippers on either side of the foot box, on the narrower side of the quilt. The side with the drawstring. Fold the two sides of the quilt together, so the male and female sides of the zippers line up. Zip it!

3.2) You'll see a snap underneath the zipper, snap that.

3.3) Grab the synch cord and close the footbox of the quilt. This will create a full thermal seal and keep your feet warm when it's cold out. 

Step 4: Attach the quilt to the sheet.
Note: This step is optional based on your preferences, but it's recommended you secure at least one side of the quilt to keep it from falling off in the night.
Line the zippers up along the side of the quilt, and zip. You can zip them as much as you need to keep warm. Just like a standard mummy bag, you'll want to keep one side open until you're inside. 

Step 5: Pillows!
Put your pillow inside the hood, or stuff it with a puffy jacket so you have somewhere to lay your head. 

Step 6: Get comfy.
That's it, you're done! Hop in and enjoy the best night's sleep in the outdoors you've ever had. The first time setting up takes some learning, but it'll go quickly in no time.

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Size Guide

Unlike mummy bags, there is no thermal disadvantage to a larger size Zenbivy Bed because it is always free to wrap snugly around you. So bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm. If you are an "active" sleeper or have a "wide" sleeping position, you may want to size up to sleep naturally. When in doubt, size up.

Size Description Fits Height Fits Weight Fits mattress
Regular-20x72 Regular Quilt + 20x72 Sheet 4’10 to 5’10” up to 175 pounds 20” x 72” up to 3” thick
Large-20x72 Large Quilt + 20x72 Sheet 5’6” to 6’6” up to 225 pounds 20” x 72” up to 3” thick
Large-25x77 Large Quilt + 25x77 Sheet 5’6” to 6’6” up to 250 pounds 25” x 77” up to 3” thick
XL-25x77* Extra-Large Quilt + 25x77 Sheet up to 6’10” up to 325 pounds 25” x 77” up to 3” thick
XL-30x80** Extra-Large Quilt + 30x80 Sheet up to 6’10” up to 350 pounds 30” x 80” up to 3” thick


* XL-25x77 available in Zenbivy Light Bed only

**XL-30x80 available in original Zenbivy Bed only

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